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Easy to perform this 40 minute musical! It is also sold to consignment shops , dress agencies, flea markets , and in online auctions. In , he changed the national motto to "There is no other God than Macías Nguema". Jesus is the reason for the Season and the reason that each of us can truly have a Wonderful Life!

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New Clothing for Women. Discover the latest and greatest from Anthropologie. Explore hundreds of new women's clothing arrivals, including dresses, blouses, sweaters, jeans, pants, and more.
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Hello Everyone, Here are some more baby doll teraisompcz8d.ga using a Three basic templates (at the bottom of post). You can make countless little outfits with these easy peasy pieces.I will show you an simple, no little hem,

Jill - The "straight man" sidekick for Celeste. She and Celeste are best friends. Good-hearted and easy going. Sylvia - News anchorwoman for Action News She is extremely dramatic and self absorbed. Gloria - Sylvia's assistant. Though she has no lines, she has the potential to be very comical in the way she responds to Sylvia's every beck and call.

Tech Crew - Can be any number and combination of guys and girls all in black shirts. With backgound visuals to enhance your performance! Noelle - Christmas Cupcake bake-off contestant. She is self-centered, flighty, funny and obsessed with winning. She has to make a choice to be honest and has to be reminded what Christmas is all about. Her costumes are over-the-top, high fashion.

She is an angel in the living nativity. Natalie - Christmas Cupcake bake-off contestant. She is a sweet girl, who uses her grandmother's secret family recipe. Her costumes are cute, but simple and homemade.

Hunter - Christmas Cupcake bake-off contestant. Hunter is a studious, serious, formal boy with just a touch of fun who always knows the answers. He can carry around a computer, iPad, and smartphone or a notebook and dictionary. His costumes reflect his studious personality. Charlie - Christmas Cupcake bake-off contestant. He is a serious sportsman or outdoorsman and not at all sure he wants to be known for baking cupcakes. His costume should reflect one of these themes. Amelia - Choir member who is not chosen as a contestant.

Though disappointed, she helps bring everyone back to the real meaning of Christmas. She is kind and is a true team player with a real servant's heart. The Living Nativity - is made up of choir members and the contestants and should include the following characters: Ethan has a new brother, Michael.

Only Michael's not a cute little bundle of joy. He's a pretty big kid When Michael starts busting some myths about Christmas to Ethan's friends, it causes quite a stir. Ethan, Lily and Abby begin to wonder: Were there more or less than three Wise Men? Was Jesus really born on December 25th? And what about the angels After reading the biblical account of the birth of Jesus, Lily and Abby are still confused.

Through it all, Michael learns that even though some facts about the very first Christmas might not be clear, the truth about why Jesus came is everywhere in Scripture. Edwards - an older woman or someone playing an older woman Lily - an older girl Abby - an older girl Ethan - an older boy a little aloof and frustrated Michael - an older boy a little nerd-y and detached Shepherds 3 - could be boys or girls Wise Men 4 - could be boys or girls Angels 5 or 6 - could be boys or girls Songs include: This is the setting for the new Simple Plus Christmas Musical for Kids, For the Glory of the King, a new 5-song, 4 scene, easy to learn, 26 minute musical for Christmas!

And it's the same question that Bradley, one of the narrators in For the Glory of the King, is dealing with. Join Abigail, Emily and Alex as they help remind him of the real meaning of Christmas and why we worship the Christ-child today! From the creative team that brought you the exciting musicals God of This City, The Ultimate Question and Follow the Star, For the Glory of the King, presented by the Kids Music Club, will remind us of all the importance and significance of Christmas and encourage a spirit of worship in our hearts!

Plus easier for kids to learn by seeing! God's love shines through in this minute, easy-to-learn, easy-to-perform musical, created by Dave Clark and Jayme Thompson. With its simple drama and fun-to-sing songs, you can let your kids choir shine the light of Jesus like never before with this exciting new Christmas musical, Star of Wonder.

Superstar - Diva female Falling Star - Huge bandage and arm sling, maybe carry crutches part of the time male Shooting Star - Cowboy Hat, boots, Annie Oakley, pig tails, freckles female Lucky Star - 4 Leaf clover female Rock Star - carries guitar male North Star - compass, set in his ways, older and very grouchy male Moon - Non-speaking part Nativity Players - Non-speaking part can be as many or as few as you need Wee Three Kings - Non-speaking part Shepherds - Non-speaking part, carry instruments and sing can be as many or as few as you need Song Title.

An exciting minute Christmas musical for children! Join the fantastic story of these three companions as they set their sights on a bright star in the heavens that would ultimately lead them to the Christ-child, the King of all kings! Optional simple narration can be used without characters, or as a summary of each act with characters, or not at all and movements for all songs are also included in the choral book. It's just before Christmas and the tree ornaments have been awakened from their yearly hibernation by the movement of their storage box.

The Star, the Snowman, the Angel and others don't understand what she has to do with Christmas and give her a rather cool reception until another significant figure from the mantelpiece shows up to explain to all of them what Christmas is about and how they each have significance in God's amazing plan of redemption through His Son, Jesus. This humorous and engaging story, created by Dennis and Nan Allen, features delightful songs and a solid salvation message that will not only teach your children what Jesus' coming was all about, but will remind kids and congregation alike that Christmas is truly a time to celebrate!

Around 35 Minutes long. More set ideas in book Cast of Characters: On a hill just outside of Bethlehem, lowly shepherds were tending their sheep at night. They didn't get much company out there. People had been passing through for several days as the census was underway, but they hardly spoke at all as they walked by on their way to Bethlehem. Nobody really wanted to talk to the shepherds. That is, nobody except an angel!

They may have been at the bottom of the social ladder in Bethlehem, but God chose shepherds to be the first ones to see the Savior! This is their story - what they heard and what they saw that marvelous night when God came to dwell with men. Shepherds, Sheep and a Savior is a minute musical about one of the most familiar parts of the Christmas story.

Created in the Simple Kids Series tradition, it features expanded simple drama along with new songs and familiar carols your children will love to sing. A hillside outside of Bethlehem. Shepherds are gathered around a camp-fire.

The sheep are choir members. It seemed to be an unassuming starry night - but that one special starry night changed everything! One Starry Night is a new minute simple Christmas musical for kids based on the shepherd's journey that first Christmas night.

This Christmas celebration is perfect for churches desiring an easy, yet powerful presentation to enrich the lives of their children. With simple narration and familiar carols, your children will embrace the amazing story of that first Christmas night. There is also a second optional dialogue to give you some creative options based on the needs of your church.

Both versions of dialogue are included on the Listening CD. It is our hope that your children learn more about The Wondrous Gift that was given that first Christmas - Jesus.

Also includes holiday recipes for cider, cookies and hot chocolate. Great for Christmas Caroling at retirement communities, geriatric centers, hospitals, shelters, soup kitchens, schools, churches, Christmas parties, neighborhood caroling, or anywhere to bring Joy during the blessed time of Christmas!

Great for all ages big to small. Sing one song, sing all the songs, or sing as many as you like, but just sing! Songs everyone already know, makes it easier for everyone. Additional copies in case more Booklets are needed. Saves on shipping costs. Can be used when you want to use a piano or keyboard instead of the split track CD. It also includes holiday recipes for cider, cookies and hot chocolate! A group of kids have just finished their Christmas musical.

While putting away the Christmas set, one child, Foster, begins complaining. He would rather forgo the manger and all the Christmas ''stuff'' to go home and open presents.

Suddenly, the entire Christmas scene disappears. The Christmas Tree has no lights, the Christmas Bell cannot ring, the Christmas Present is empty and the manger is missing from the nativity scene. The children realize Jesus is the reason for the season and that Christmas is Jesus. Their hearts change, especially Foster's, and they see the promise that Jesus brought to the world.

They stop thinking about themselves and start thinking of others. Jesus is the reason for the Season and the reason that each of us can truly have a Wonderful Life! Tune - Older girl or adult, should wear Christmas and slacks or skirt. Parents - 4 Parents each with one line. Can be older children or adults. Madison - Girl, should be wearing angel costume. Laura - Girl, should be wearing a Mary costume. Zach - Boy, should be wearing Joseph costume.

Joey - Boy, should be wearing shepherd costume. Foster - Boy, should be wearing shepherd costume. Nick - Boy, should be wearing a bright colored wise man costume with a crown. T - Boy or Girl should be dressed as a janitor.

Jingle Bell - Boy or Girl, should wear a bell costume. Present - Boy or Girl, should wear a giant present costume. Kit Contains A Choral book Contains the vocal arrangements, piano score and narration or script of a musical.

Join Sam, Halo, Slim, Skyler and Holly as they get ready with the angelic choir to announce the miraculous birth of Jesus. Halo - Diva, wear rhinestones, tiara for crown.

Holly - Holly leaf on her robe. Sam - Angel in charge- explains things, can wear a tie and maybe suit jacket. Skyler - Wear tie-dye robe peace symbol peace on earth. Slim - Cowboy, wear hat and boots. Stars - 6 kids in star outfits on 2 platforms on each side of the stage. With only 5 songs and 4 simple narrative scenes, this musical is perfect for the small to medium size kids choir.

A Kids Christmas Musical About Giving It's Christmas and Holly, a young girl with a compassionate heart, has launched a toy and food drive for the needy. It's for a good cause and her heart is in the right place-at least at first. Once she begins to get a lot of publicity, she starts to lose focus on the real reason she's doing it. Then, when some street kids steal everything she's collected, Holly's ''gifts'' start having strings attached.

This insightful children's musical by Dennis and Nan Allen is a delightful parallel to the story of God's gift to us-so perfect and undeserved, and presents a compelling illustration to give as Christ commanded: You can use the musical and the example of the children to launch a church or school wide version of your own "Operation: Or Admission to the musical performance could be the bringing of gifts or food to help brighten Christmas for those that need our help. Holly - a mature, caring and energetic girl, age Savannah - Holly's friend, approximately the same age Corey - Holly and Savannah's friend; always hungry, approximately the same age.

Reporters 2 - Boys or girls, teens or adults Mayor Clyde Poindexter - Pompous politician, can be played by older boy, teen boy or man Press Corps 2 or more non-speaking - Either girls or boys, teens or adult; they do not speak, but they take pictures and prompt the mayor The Girlfriends 3 - a trio of overly self-indulgent girls; may be dressed alike and move as a unit Chuck - a poor boy any age Sophie - a poor girl any age Kit Contains A Choral book Contains the vocal arrangements, piano score and narration or script of a musical.

This year the annual choir Christmas party is stirring up something new. Instead of the party being all about them, the choir members have collected favorite recipes from their church members and are cookin' up some treats to share with the community. In the midst of great teamwork they learn about the real ''recipe'' of Christmas: With 5 songs and 4 scenes, this funfilled musical is perfect for small programs, or large programs with last-minute needs.

Your kids will have a 'cookin' up time presenting Cookin' Up Christmas. Miss Paula Queen - An over-the-top, dramatic, that reminds-me-of-a-song, fun-loving, big hearted, dresses brighter than a Christmas tree, true southern belle.

Can be played by a child, teen or adult. Her costume shouts ''Christmas! Emerald Lasagna - Famous guest chef comes in to add some Bam! His costume should be black or brown pants, chef's hat and white apron.

Betty Rocker - In charge of the kitchen for 25 years, she is protective of her turf. Can be played by girl, teen or adult. Her costume should be somewhat matronly, with an apron, a wooden spoon and a cookbook of rules. Rachael Day - Sweet, on fire for the Lord, she is a friend to everybody. Can be girl, teen or adult. Her costume should be either casual street attire or festive Christmas party attire.

Bobby Grey - New kid in town, he has been invited to visit choir by Rachael. Can be boy, teen. He should wear casual street attire. Martha Steward - All the busyness, shopping, cooking and parties have caused her to forget the real heart of Christmas. She is all dressed up for a party. Alfred Brown - This intellectual, cooking-encyclopedia and Google guy keeps things spiced up with his flavorful interjections of knowledge.

Can be boy, teen, or adult. His costume should consist of black pants, a white chef's jacket and dark-rimmed glasses. This character has no lines and can be played by a fun-loving adult or child. Should be dressed as ''country bumpkins''.

Choir Members - Everyone else can be as many or as few as needed. These characters sing, chat in the background, work on the Christmas cookbook, help cook, decorate, and wrap presents. Can dress in festive Christmas party attire or more casual street attire. Maybe you just need one or two special occasion songs. Don't you wish everything you needed was all prepared for you in one place?

Thanks again for sharing your love of sewing. I just completed my first baby doll shirt with the help of this post. You can delete my last post.

I found the tutorial. I guess I didn't look hard enough. Pregnancy brain is hitting me hard. I too, have a "nakey baby"! I'm in a bit of a different situ, I'm not Gramma and I don't have little ones I'm taking your kindness and plan to pass it on. Just so you know your template does not say where to place it on the fold. After cutting out the paaterns and attempting to so the bodice together I realized I should have cut on a fold. I'm not new to sewing but I'm not an expert either Thank you soooooo much for these!

I have been searching for a good printable pattern. I bought this baby a dozen or more years ago at local toy store. I have no clue how to find another. I thinks she is cute! So happy someone else likes her!!!! My daughter gave me one that is similar to yours only not identical for Christmas last year. Mine has a "bent" arm so she can suck her thumb if you move her arm just right. Look up the websitethey have several different babies and is my understanding you can't choose which one you want--they just send you one.

I hope I'm wrong on this! Also have made her a layette from altered 15" she's shorter baby patterns BUT not one of them are as cute as the ones I made from your patterns! Hope this info helps someone. Kudos for darling duds! They are lots of love babies. Thank you for the marvelous pattern and detailed tutorial!

I just finished my first test dress and diaper. Now I can make a couple of adjustments and have lots of clothes. I am new to this site. I no longer blog here and can't keep up with the demand. But, I still want to offer this project!! Go to the store tab on the top of page. Posted by blueberrymoon at 3: Chris July 5, at 5: For The Love July 9, at 9: Lynne July 14, at Anonymous August 11, at Ming August 16, at 8: Gwen Bentley September 14, at Alison March 22, at 4: Elaine April 13, at 9: Anonymous August 18, at 5: Vera McKenzie January 4, at 8: Pam in Cincinnati January 30, at 7:

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