Shopping Malls in Bangkok

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What to buy in Hong Kong

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Some of the stores have regular retail hours, but the majority of them are only open until 6pm Monday to Wednesday and close between for the rest of the week. On the weekend hours are usually on Saturday and on Sunday. Dress for the weather and keep in mind that some of these stores might be a tad humid inside from the mass of shoppers and you might start to sweat while your dashing across the aisle trying to snatch that last red blouse before someone out-races you.

It benefits both the store from those naughty kleptomaniacs and you so you have more free arms to hold merchandise in. There are a couple of ways to get to Orfus Rd. Alternatively, you can take the subway to Yorkdale, walk through the mall being careful not to spend too much of your Orfus Road money inside , and exit at Sears. Then you can walk through the parking lot, cross the street, walk down a couple of blocks and hit Orfus Road.

You can also bus it towards Dufferin St. Ah, yes… a lot of shopping calls for fuel. There a noodle place and a Korean restaurant near the Dufferin side of Orfus Road. Signs are usually posted attributing to that fact. So if you have to go, try Rinx the large indoor entertainment complex , one of the restaurants near Dufferin Street or wait until you get home. All the stores should have a choice of payment options: Just make sure you have extra for all those impulse buys!

Dollarama My pick of the best bargain, dollar store. You can find anything here. I will make a stop there soon though. I heard they have a broad variety of Italian food products, deli-meats, and almost every kind of cheese imaginable at reasonable prices. Urban Behaviour World A nice mix of casual and club clothing at great prices. A bunch of samples and end of season merchandise is located at the rear of the store. The rest of the outlet is filled with multiple offers e.

I always find something I like when I go here. The sizes are varied as well, which is a plus. A great place to discount shop especially during their midnight madness events.

Nine West Shoe Studio Outlet A large selection of both out-of-season and current styles of fashion footwear, handbags and accessories at good prices. I just wished they carried shoes in my size yes, I have big feet.

Stitches I remember when Stitches was the hot spot to shop for clothes back when I was in high school. I even noticed that they started to organize their jean display tables by size which is a plus size 0 — The selection is not as varied, but they usually have the same type of sales.

They usually have great deals and a good selection of sheets, duvet covers and bath towels. A pretty good all-around selection of casual clothes, summer dresses to more formal wear and business attire. Along with bathroom accessories, ceramics, kitchen appliances, candles, furniture, cookware, glassware and other home decor items, this store has sure got a wide selection of merchandise at great prices. Some brand names they carry include KitchenAid, Cuisinart and Umbra.

Best of all, you can see the products up close and even try some of them out. Roots Factory Outlet Roots has some of end-of-season and clearance merchandise, such as jackets, shoes, bags, accessories and casual clothing for the whole family.

A great spot for saving off the regular prices make sure you catch their sales promotions. If your hosting a party at your home, this is a good place to stop at for platters and drink glasses.

I hope this guide on Orfus Road will be beneficial to you. When you get home, you can go through your closet and drawers, organize your old clothes to make room for all the new ones, by giving some to the local Goodwill or charity. One of the best parts of a visit to Orfus Road is finding that one-of-a-kind item that cost you next to nothing. Multiple visits are recommended. Deals , Orfus Road , Shopping , Toronto. This entry was posted on Thursday, July 5th, at 1: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. My favorite store so far! Last year my sister bought her wedding dress a store on Orfus Road, wondered if anyone can tell me the name and if it is open on Mondays!!!

I saw one in person that bride got here and it was gorgeous. Anyone know the answer? Please help me out!!! Try calling one of the stores to find out the rest usually operate around a similar schedule. The number for Bluenotes Outlet store on Orfus Rd. Been there before on the 26th and left with great deals!

Yorkdale opens at 8am tomorrow though, so I would aim to be at Orfus Road around that time. Hi, i was wondering if there are any shoe stories at orfus? Hi I have never been to orfus road and I wanted to know if there is any stores beside clothes like back to school supplies store or other stores and are ALL the stores? I am new to canada and need to do some shopping for the spring.. I was just shopping on Orfus Rd, and seen a D.

Though not as pricey as the Landmark, the IFC is considered an upscale mall, with a lot more retail space. But if you had to pick just one mall for your shopping in the Hong Kong area, it would have to be the swanky and huge Pacific Place. Back in Central, some other popular streets for shopping are: Nearby Lyndhurst Terrace is where you can find a decent number of shops peddling goods ranging from silks and other fabrics to antiques and crafts, to old maps, paintings and prints.

How to Get There: Causeway Bay is less ritzy and pricey compared to Central. A popular shopping destination for the locals, this area is usually very lively — packed with shoppers every day of the week. Whereas Central can lay claim to the top luxury brands, Causeway Bay is the place to go for the full-on, shop-til-you-drop retail experience.

Much of the fashions along the main drag off of Hennessy Road are targeted to the younger set. Search out the Fashion Walk area for the popular grouping of hip, independent fashion retailers. The best shopping malls in the area are: Moving from the massive shopping districts to a smaller specialty area, Hollywood Road and parallel Cat Street Upper Lascar Row is the place to go for art, antiques and curios.

Whereas Cat Street gives a flea-market like atmosphere — selling mostly has cheaper Chinese souvenirs and curio like old HK postcards and posters and fake, antique watches— Hollywood Street has long been known as the place to go in HK for buying expensive antiques, ceramics and furniture.

Hollywood Road is also a good place to buy carpets , in particular ones imported from India and the Middle East also see nearby Wyndham Street for other carpet specialty shops. Another place for carpet shopping is across the harbor in Kowloon: Kowloon offers a rather odd mix of both high-end goods as well as cheap-o merchandise….

Consisting of hundreds of stalls, this open-air bazaar-like market is considered the best place to buy fake, knock-off goods like handbags, watches, and pretty much anything else that can be copied and sold. Besides clothes and accessories, the Ladies Market also sells toys, electronics, and all kinds of Chinese gifts and curios. Bargaining is the name of the game here and veteran sellers know every trick in the book to take advantage of green, clueless tourists so make sure to check out my negotiating tips page.

Specialized markets in the Mong Kok area include a market for songbirds Yuen Po Street and one for aquarium fish, as well as the Flower Market , and the Mongkok Computer Centre considered the best place in HK for lower-end electronics gear. As you probably guessed, they also sell plenty of fake brands too. But to soak in the atmosphere, wait until the action gets going around pm.

Most vendors start closing down for the day around 11pm. The Temple Street night market is a good place to get a cheap seafood dinner as well. There are cheap restaurants with small tables outside spilling right into the middle of the street action. You can grab a bite, have some beers, and watch all the action. Adding to the atmosphere are street singers and dozens of fortune tellers many who speak English , offering palm reading, tarot cards, etc.

They set up shop in an area close to the Tin Hau Temple. Just southwest of the night market is Jade Street and the Jade Hawker Bazaar , selling—you guessed it—all manner of jade products. Even farther south, on the tip of Kowloon, the Tsim Sha Tsui area is yet another hot spot of retail activity.

But instead of an open-air market shopping experience, the area is packed full of shops along the main street, Nathan Road the so-called Golden Mile, full of shopping arcades, department stores, emporiums, hotels, restaurants, and nightlife. One side street off of Nathan Rd is Granville Road , where you can find some good factory outlets and relatively cheap clothing aimed at younger shoppers.

The largest shopping center in Hong Kong, the massive mall boasts almost shops in four interconnected complexes that are spread out over some 3 kilometers. Naturally, the complex has virtually every manner of restaurant, in addition to two separate movie theaters not a bad place to drop the kids off while you shop!

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