The Unstoppable Navy Suit

2 button suits can be found in all the latest styles at mensUSA. 2 button suits are the most popular style worn today and mensUSA has every style to meet all of your fashion needs. The 2 button business suit is a staple of the well dressed businessman of today.

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If this look is still a little intense for your office, simply pair your best navy suit with a white shirt, black tie and shoes for more corporate-ready (but still just as sharp) style.
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2 button suits can be found in all the latest styles at mensUSA. 2 button suits are the most popular style worn today and mensUSA has every style to meet all of your fashion needs. The 2 button business suit is a staple of the well dressed businessman of today.
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Shirt And Tie Combinations With A Black Suit Begin by making sure that your suit fits correctly, this is imperative so you can look your best. A black tie is a fool-proof addition to your look, no matter what other colour combinations you have going on.

Shirt And Tie Combinations With A Black Suit Begin by making sure that your suit fits correctly, this is imperative so you can look your best. A black tie is a fool-proof addition to your look, no matter what other colour combinations you have going on.

I know, you might be wondering why a brown-brown combination works. You just need a visible difference between the shades of the shoe and the suit. If both browns appear identical, the whole thing will look off. But the single most important thing is a clear contrast. Brown suits are traditionally seen as academic or casual.

While this view was partly changed by former U. Lighter grays and browns are the next best options depending on how casual an event is. There will always be exceptions depending on the place, celebration, people attending that event, or even your lifestyle or reputation. Let that chart be your 1 consultant. Some guys may end up with different suit colors or types of footwear. Loved every moment celebrating Alexander and Meg's big day and being part of teamleiken.

Was this review helpful? Little tbt action to last weekend's seanandalexathaitheknot awesome time with friends and family. Oh and the bestman ckolv knocked it out of the park!

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Everything looked great, wrinkles came out on their own. My jacket was a bit bigger than I needed, replacement sent in smaller size and it fit perfect. Fit perfectly right out of the box.

Was asked multiple times if I owned the suit, wish I did. Everything was great, looked super sharp the day of the wedding. Viva The Black Tux!!!

Such a great experience for one of THE most important days of my life! Not gonna lie, looked pretty sweet. APAE that is not entirely true.

I spent this past summer interning in Mayfair and nearly everyone had on a blue suit with dark brown shirts. Most women will say never black with blue. I think either way you can look good, but brown definitely looks much better. Check out the Allen Edmond's factory seconds. I bought a pair of AE Jefferson's in cognac and looks absolutely beautiful.

Usually they have a slight defect cosmetic defects only, no functional defects. With that said, most of the typical AE's such as Park Avenues and 5th avenues I find a little too conservative. Some people do not like brown and navy. I personally think as long as the shoes and the belt are a dark enough brown it looks good. It's ridiculous, but if you are going that route it is very important that your belt is as dark as your shoes, even more so than normally.

Otherwise, it really won't look good at all. I think that if you called in the British fashion police they'd say that blue and brown is absolutely correct and blue and black is wrong. Black, Brown or Cordovan shoes all look great with blue suits. Just make sure you have a matching belt and wear the proper socks. Black socks should only be worn with black shoes. Can't go wrong with AEs. I am wearing my black pair of Fifth Avenue AEs today.

Very comfy shoes on a nice thick sole. I also have the walnut version but I wear them only on the weekends for less formal clothes. It's a steal for that price. One more guide link for shoes choice with the suit. I own the 5th Aves in 3 colors this model is always on sale. If you want a more conservative look get the Brown Burnished ones. The bourbon ones are a little too bright imo they only look dark in the pic. It depends on your work culture and whether you'll see clients that day.

That's 1k before taxes. Yea, personally I like the Brown best. I think the Walnut is just a bit too light with traditional Navy and I'm not sure I could pull of Burgundy. I've alo heard girls say not to wear black shoes with navy suits, but I personally think they look fine. However, brown shoes with navy suits is the more conventional combination, and looks great.

I think navy and black looks more formal. Make the first pair dark, then when you're in the market for a second pair you can go lighter, or maybe mix it up with some cordovan.

But as said above, the dark brown is very versatile. Get some fuking balls. Convince the wife you need shoes? I bet she gets permission for her shoe purchases. Dark brown captoes and a navy suit is pretty much my uniform.

However, it is seen as a little less conservative in some circles. This was advice I was given. Agree that you should wear your suit to go try the shoes on too.

I only wear brown shoes with navy suits. Black shoes are too formal and isn't it a fashion no-no to wear black and navy together? It is worth the extra few bucks to get Allen Edmonds if for nothing else than the long term use you will get from them. I have actually had these for awhile and they look great with my navy suit: Despite the price they have lasted quite a while quite a bit more when I picked them up , I would buy the belt at the same time as that is a difficult color to match.

I think black shoes look terrible with grey suits, and nobody wears black suits to work. Guess you could do black and charcoal. Just a side comment. Black shoes go well with black suit, perhaps grey. The black shoe look is not very current for the analyst age group anyway. I only wear them when I have no other choice.

Couple guides for suits and shoes matching: Best rule to follow is your shoes need to be darker then your suit, especially with a Navy suit. Make sure the shoes are a dark brown not too light and make sure your belt matches the shoes, basics! Traditionally brown or some version of brown cognac, etc are appropriate for blue suits and black shoes should be avoided, although that's largely disregarded today.

I often wear black shoes with navy suits but from an old school Saville Row point of view, it goes against the rules. Brown shoes with a navy suit is chill if you wear a brown belt with it. Or black shoes and a black belt. As the old adage goes, Belt and shoes go together like sex and cigarettes. Black is the most conservative and formal, hence the most appropriate for client facing roles. Don't listen to what women say, black and navy is one of the most classic men's combinations there is.

The same goes for black and grey. The fact that this question is so heavily debated on here is astounding. I thought bankers were supposed to be smart?

I suggest you all read up on dressing appropriately for the occasion. The guys who are saying that navy and black is a no-no are wasting everyone's time. Black and navy is the most correct combination there is.

There is no debate here. It does not depend on shirt or tie color, black goes with everything, as long as the suit is navy, grey or charcoal. There are certain rules in menswear, and they can be found very easily on google. Wear black shoes if you want to be more conservative, wear dark brown if you want to be a bit more casual.

One can even argue that if you want to be a bit more casual you shouldn't be wearing a navy suit in the first place. My comment added a whole lot more than yours.

Why don't you counter my statements in a friendly discussion if you disagree, instead of referring to ad hominems? Then why did you ask the question if you knew the answer already? I gave you the rule of thumb you so desired: Black with navy, grey and charcoal when dressing formal for the office, brown and every other colour when dressing casual with a navy sportcoat for example.

Ties and shirts are not relevant in this equation. The only exception being brown ties, which you should only wear with brown shoes and belt, and perhaps burgundy.

You asked a very simple question, and lo and behold, it has a simple answer as well. It's not rocket science. The British and Americans until around the s came up for these rules for a reason, adhering to them ensured you looked good.

Over time the lounge suit rules iterated to perfection. When I see somebody breaking one of the rules, it tells me that this person never was exposed to proper dress, which in most countries implies something about their social status and origin. As I got older and learnt more about the world, I started seeing square, light brown shoes worn with a purple-striped navy suit as a sign of a doer instead of someone who needs a lesson in basic dressing ideas.

The most interesting are those who break the rules consistently and thoughtfully for example wearing the wrong outfit perfectly. Still, brown shoes would be appropriate with tweed or other countryside outfits, whilst black is what should be worn in any meeting room.

This especially applies to navy, which is the most formal colour a man can wear for example, appropriate at a wedding when one does not have a morning suit. To then wear a "casual" colour designed for one's country estate is an interesting choice, which takes quite a stretch of the imagination to justify as spezzatura the careful art of pretend carelessness that characterises the tasteful. Adding even more value, a comparison of different black captoes. Go and pick your next pair of shoes!

It is one of the most versatile shoes a man can own, suitable for nearly all formal occasions from office to weddings. While dark brown offers deep patina and changing highlights, black brings out the best in mirror shine at the same time being a subtle conservative foundation to a good outfit. I suggest you read all pages of this thread: Regardless if you think women are wrong on this, black and blue do not go together. I always see people wearing a blue suit and black shoes, and it looks like they are clashing.

The black shoes hinder the blue in your suit. If you combine the right shade of brown, with a matching belt, and some nice blue socks, then your blue suit color pops out more. Black and blue are too similar, and they should not be worn together in my opinion.

Its like the same thing as wearing a red t-shirt with orange shorts.. Sorry, but that's just wrong. If you're caught wearing brown and navy I hope you're not wearing blue suits to work!

When it comes to dressing appropriately for the office, individual opinions are simply less relevant, whether you like it or not. You ask a legitimate question, and then when people answer, you crap in their pants. Haha, I'm loving it! Another note on black and navy: I recommend wax instead of the kwikwax type horrors, applied sparsely and with a hint of water on the hard bits once a week.

It takes around 40 minutes to obtain the correct effect. Regarding grey suits and black shoes: And here's a chap returning from the country, for a nice contrast: The Mayfair angle is interesting. I do think that a lot of the companies read: When you are having lunch with Amitabh from Blackbox Capital, you sure won't say a word about his wearing a blazer impeccably outside a sports event.

And of course, talking of grey, the correct colour of trousers with a navy sports coat, you would then pair it with brown shoes, as is appropriate with the setting. Americans who often wear Oxblood, but sometimes just dress like they want to be made fun of and stylish Mediterranean types the latter often also sport beards, they have special rules. Ultimately, you can do what you want to express yourself sartorially.

If you really feel like black shoes with a navy blue suit violates your sensibilities, then go ahead and wear brown. Just know that you are taking a huge risk. Historically, clothes signalled that you went to the right school and University, and knew the right people who told you off when you dressed poorly.

These days, you can fake fitting in through a careful study of the internet, though there is plenty of misinformation out there. The truth is, StudentLoanBackedSecurities, that your opinion is less important than the opinion of those who have banded together for a very long time to try and establish a non-linguistic code for excluding those who are not "in the know".

Their contempt is honed by several generations of running the world, so I'd defer to their judgement. Alden's Color 8 shell did not count as brown for purposes of the rule. I'm guessing the Americans are sporting those while the Italians run around in antiqued dark brown leather. Depends on how judgemental the Brit in question is feeling. My current MD looks down on belts - a lack of tabs is a sign of general impoverishment.

And good looking Italian fellows know they can get away with anything. London may have codified the ground rules of looking proper, but plenty of Italians will catch you peering down at their suede brogues and give you a look that leaves no doubt as to who invented looking fucking fantastic. Insecure junior bankers in London wearing pants with loops without belts because belts are for peons is literally the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.

It's going to be obvious whether pants are custom, which is what the actual judgement will be based on. Not at all, and that guy's MD is perfectly right to attempt to get his juniors to dress properly.

The evolution of the suit to sell more volume to the uneducated customer has let to a drop in the waistline, and a narrowing of everything basically, most people like to wear suits that look 2 sizes too small. His low waistline will cause the trousers to keep wanting to fall down, whilst their tightness will cause his balls to be squeezed at every occasion, particularly sitting, and his belt buckle will ride up into his stomach, whilst the top half of his ass will probably be struggling to be covered, and stuffing a shirt in there is not going to look good in real life.

The pleatless front is even more indication of pain to come as there is no space for the leg to expand and move around below the waistline.

Good vibes are coming your way 🏄 Stay in Touch. More Info. Tuxedos & Suits; Our Story; Careers. $97 Clearance Suits, $67 Clearance Sportcoats, Clearance Sportshirts and Polos as low as $ and Clearance Sweaters as low as $ Offer may vary in stores. Select styles only. Additional charge may apply for Big & Tall sizes. Not combinable with any other promotional offers or discounts. Offer valid through 10/14/ If this look is still a little intense for your office, simply pair your best navy suit with a white shirt, black tie and shoes for more corporate-ready (but still just as sharp) style.